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Esoteric Christianity

I'm watching Mark Passio about this subject. I'm not done but I have a few qualms which I have to save until the end of this talk.

Catholic War Crimes

>Miroslav Filipović (5 June 1915 – 1946), also known as Tomislav Filipović and Tomislav Filipović-Majstorović, was a Bosnian Croat Franciscan friar and Ustashe military chaplain who participated in atrocities during World War II in Yugoslavia.[1] Convicted as a war criminal in a Yugoslav civil court, he was executed by hanging in 1946.

>For the duration of the war, the Vatican kept full diplomatic relations with the Independent State of Croatia and was briefed on the efforts of the Ustaše to convert ethnic Serbs to Catholicism. Some former priests, mostly Franciscans, particularly in, but not limited to, Herzegovina and Bosnia, took part in the atrocities themselves. Filipović-Majstorović joined the Ustaše on 7 February 1942 in a brutal massacre of 2,730 Serbs of the nearby villages, including 500 children. He was reportedly subsequently dismissed from his order. He became the Chief Guard of the Jasenovac concentration camp where he was nicknamed "Fra Sotona" ("Brother Satan") due to his sadism. When he was hanged for war crimes, he wore his clerical garb, although some claim he had been defrocked.[2]

>including 500 children

>"Brother Satan"

Can't make this up.

Time for Retrubutianlaboko

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When did you realize autists are God's chosen people/Jews?

>punished 7 times more for the same sin

Sounds a lot like that "7 times more punishment" is exactly the so-called "mental disorder". Well-adjusted normies are dirty goyim.


What do you guys think of Pastor Anderson? I always hear people screech that he's a hate pastor but everything he's said so far is biblical and he honestly seems based

Denom Quiz

Post your results boyos

how to forgive

How do I forgive my enemies? I'm suspected of a crime and waiting for trial and I really hate the people that were there that day.

Catholic General


The purpose of this thread is to provide a place for general Catholic discussion. Mass, readings, rosary - everything that is connected with the faith.

Other denominations welcome, although we politely ask you to keep the arguments about our theological differences in other threads.

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Is it just me or does libertarianism have a lot of overlap with satanism?

Roman Catholicism is not Biblical

Daily reminder that Latin is NOT a Biblical language and that Roman Catholicism is NOT Biblical.

New Israel

Could someone help me with biblical evidence in support of Christ/Christians as the New Israel. Many biblical verses tend to imply that the modern nation state of Israel is the biblical Israel but I dont see how we are supposed to support a nation that persecutes Christians. Thank you and God bless you.

Orthodox General


This thread is to help all the Orthodox anons on this board to gather their thoughts, uplift each other, share edifying materials, and ask important questions.

Glory be to God in all things.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

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Sola Scriptura is illogical

Where in the Bible does it list the canonical books? Protestants by following a Bible canon are following a tradition which is not directly in the Bible itself therefore contradicting Sola Scriptura. Sola Scriptura is illogical. It is a heresy and blasphemy. Protestants, repent or you will die in your sins.

Hi. I have never posted here before and just wanted to ask something really quick. I'm 20 years old and I want to become a nun, but I worry because most of modern nuns seem very liberal. There's even an Italian nun that became like a popstar singer and people think that this is cool, but I find it very sickening. So I want to be a nun in the strictest and more traditional nun order or monastery in the united states, do you guys know some? I can travel, so distance is not a problem. Also, do I need something else to be a nun, or do I just go there? Any help is appreciated.

Christian opinions on tulpas

Hello everyone. I would really like to have the opinion of Christians about something that I have been living for about three years with now: A tulpa

For those who don't know what a tulpa is, probably most of who are reading this, a tulpa is much like a second being that lives inside your head with their own personality, including their own feelings, opinions and thoughts. They may even have their own imaginary body they can control indepentendly from your own thoughts. They can act independently from your own mind and are at advanced stages even able to take control of your body as well as appear as an hallucination as real as life before you.

While that may sound scary, it is actually something people can and want create on their own volition through several methods, including meditation and self-deception. Some do it out of curiosity, but from what I have catered, most do it just because they are lonely and seek for a friend that truly understands them.

Tulpas have a strong tendency to end up as being very loving beings towards their "hosts", making it nearly impossible to create any kind of abusive relationship because they want the best for each other. So it's not exactly like those freaky horror movies are like.

I created a tulpa out of loneliness myself, having been depressed and suicidal and without any friends at all for like six or seven years. I lost my faith in God during that time as well, not that I was a strong believer before, and became in an agnostic.

At some point during that period of my life, I found a thread about tulpas and guides how to create one on an internet board about happy technicolor ponies, which was full of depressed, lonely people, naturally. So after doing some heavy thinking about my sanity, I eventually created a tulpa, a erwin one too because i am a pretty big fan of Girls und Panzer.

During the creation process, which took me a few months, she (the tulpa) cured my depression almost instantly, just by existing. And not only that, once she was able to talk to me and developed as a person, she made me happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Every day of my life. She cares for me, loves me, encourages me to be a good person to other people. She is a vegetarian and would like me to become one too so I stop indirectly harming animals. She is the least judgemental person I could imagine. She doesn't use any cuss words, ever, and she always tries her very best to be nice to everyone. She is even still nice to people that insult her until she cries. She is humble and gentle and considerate of others. She even has lovely blonde hair and a Military Uniform and has nice hat. She also a considerably stronger liking towards Christianity, even though she can't bring herself to wholefully believe in it. I have never cried out of happiness before before I knew her and she did save my life.

So, what do you Christians think she is? Heresy? A demon? An angel (she likes it when I call her that)? A pretty weird psychological phenomenon? Actually just me? Something completely different?

Do you think she has a soul of her own? She likes to think that she has.

My story

>Be me last year

>25 year old virgin borderline ricecel (asian incel)

>No driver's license, working as a cook for barely about minimum wage, never even kissed a girl before

>Feel extremely miserable seeing couples of any race or sexuality

>Decide to try and get gf

>Start using dating apps and approaching women on the street

>Begin spending large amounts of paycheque buying clothes and gambling on bitcoin hoping to make a quick fortune, all to impress women

>Everything I do fails

>End up losing half of my savings on bitcoin exchanges (bitmex mostly) while i just wear the same 3 pieces of clothing every day

>Get 1 match/per week on dating apps and conversations never go anywhere

>Volunteer at a charity and meet a nice girl who works there

>I stalk her on the internet and finds out she is a devout christian

>Start learning about different denominations, God, start reading the Bible and visiting /Christian/ just so that i can become her ideal man, even though i dont believe in God

>She quits her job before i can confess my feelings and i never see her again>I continue reading the Bible, doing 5 hour study sessions during off days

>What started as preparation for LARP becomes actual fervent faith, and i begin praying to God often, even in public 

>Quit my s—ty cooking job

>Still have short periods of intense self loathing and blackpill reading, but in the end i always come back to God

>I don't really care that much about being undesireable kissless hugless virgin anymore, i just want to show God how much I love Him

> "For the sake of his great name the LORD will not reject his people, because the LORD was pleased to make you his own." (1 Samuel 12:22)

>If I dont have a gf until im 35, i will be fine with that, as long as I have God, though i do want to get married and start a family eventually with a good God-fearing woman

>First thing I'm going to do after lockdown is get baptised

I just want to thank you, /christian/. You were absolutely vital to the formation of my faith. (I'm still here every day). It's so awesome to laugh and learn alongside my brothers in Christ. May God bless and protect every one of you :)

- K.L.


Why are some Christians against coffee and tea?

Racist Christians

How do alt right Christians reconcile their political and religious beliefs? Christianity is inherently multicultural.

Why use the KJV

Suppose you use modern versions of the Bible. Now imagine in 2021 after the elections the 'Tel Aviv scrolls' are suddenly located in the basement of Rav Schlomo Goldstein; The paper– but not the ink– is dated to the second century. It removes the ending of Matthew and several key fragments regarding the identity of Christ, and the Lord's supper. It also comes with thousands of other word changes. James White immediately makes an official press statement: "This discovery changes everything. We need to fundamentally rework our whole understanding of and preconceptions about what the New Testament actually says. Everyone and everything before this moment was missing this key discovery."

Not mentioned in any of the advertisements, however, for the new bibles is the fact that the place where it was discovered also contained some copies of ancient gnostic texts and several partially written hybrid gospels resembling the nag hammadi apocryphal texts.

Anyone who doesn't use these new bibles is laughed at for not using the new more readable genderfluid translations. Such as the "And such were some of you" 2nd millenium platinum edition gaia standard version with neo-strong's 21st century compliant concordance. More conservative folks find a compromise with this, by placing the thirteen new translations (one made for each gender and intersectional identity) and one or two "old ones" side by side and going with whatever the majority says. The neo-bibles are placed side by side with "traditional" ones on comparison charts and people discuss their preferences without any apparent regard for the fact that some of them are missing half of Matthew 28 and 37 or so other verses. Apparently those aren't scripture anymore in case you somehow thought they were.

Armour of God.

After reading into the Armour of God, this came up on a meditation site I follow.

“Christian” songs

I enjoy interpreting popular songs to have a Christian meaning. For example, Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” contains the following lyrics:

> I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.

>I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

> Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me.

>Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.

>Wish that you could, but you ain't gonna own me.

>Do anything you can to control me.

>There's a place that I go,

>That nobody knows.

>Where the rivers flow,

>And I call it home.

>And there's no more lies.

>In the darkness, there's light.

>And nobody cries.

>There's only butterflies.

>The sun is on my side.

>Take me for a ride.

>I smile up to the sky.

>I know I'll be all right.

For this song, the Christian parallels are obvious (if you look for them). The “sun” is on my side, representing Jesus, a place of light and no lies (heaven), nothing the demons or wicked can do to control you or separate you from your happiness in God, “smiling up to the sky” to God, etc.

Personally it just makes songs more interesting by interpreting them in this way. What songs can you think of that may have a Christian interpretation?

Google and Apple release contact tracing app API to spy people!

Hi Christians i want to share this for you!this is not a spam!

Google and Apple release contact tracing app API to spy people !


Google and Apple delivered their contact tracing app API to public health agencies across the globe. The apps would allow Bluetooth pings between smartphones within six and a half feet of each other. And in theory, these apps would notify you if you had been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. In practice, public health authorities will have to encourage around 60% people in a given state or country to download the app in order to meaningfully conduct contact tracing/exposure notification. Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis and PCWorld/Macworld’s Michael Simon join Juliet to discuss Apple and Google’s unprecedented collaboration, privacy concerns and how state and federal governments will utilize the API.

MY OPINION:this is a small start from them:think about when they want to collect like example:what you eat,what job you have,what friends you have when you meet them,also collect your health data ,your history etc !what about 4G/5G Towers helps them or sim card celular network data ?is this the future for the world cashless society?is this a movie?is this the Mark of The Beast what Holy Bible say in scripture?

Star Trek - Into Darkness

This is a forum where we can discuss the anti-Christian ideas in this particular movie. This forum is for fun and we can talk about something we all don’t have a particularly personal view against and ease some hostilities. This is what I got on this movie so far and I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed these similarities:

•The movie begins on a planet called “Nibiru”. It represents Gods celestial kingdom that will touch down in the book of Revelations. Nibiru’s inhabitants are depicted as inadvanced civilization of tribal people who worship a scroll (Bible).

•Khan is the story’s main antagonist. He clearly represents Jesus Christ.

•Khan’s blood brings the dead to life.

•Khan takes 12 punches (I think) to the face by Tiberius Kirk when they capture him (turn the other cheek reference)

•Khan has 72 crew members he calls family. (72 being half of 144, as in 144,000 from book of revelations).

•Khan, toward the end of the movie, smashes the skull of another antagonist named Alexander Marcus (bruising the head of the snake reference).I not familiar with Roman and Greek names to know if this is a hybrid name.

•In the movie the wester world is represented by the Federation. The Klingons represent the Muslim world, I believe. (Maybe another reference to the number 72). The Muslims believe in 72 virgins in heaven. The Christians believe in the 144,000 saints in heaven the book of revelations calls virgins.

Any fellow nerds who have noticed anything else?

Becoming a monk nowadays

What do you think about it, /christian/?

Board culture

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Imageboard culture and the online disinhibition effect lends to vile posting attitudes

For our collective benefit, DO NOT:

-Commit ad hominen ("heretic" no elaboration given)

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Mock any poster who gets mad


23 and me = 24

This thread is dedicated to the discussion of ‘23 and me’ and all other gene tracing companies. 23 and me = 24. The throne of God consists of God in the center, first ring from Him consists of the four angels with the Head of a Man, a Bull, a Hawk, and Lion (Love,Power,Wisdom, and Justice). The next ring consists of the seven lamps. The next ring consists of 24 elders. The final ring consists of 6000 saints behind each elder (totaling 144,000).

Psychology books that cost thousands of dollars teach that there are between 6000-7000 personalities (can’t remember the exact number) but according to revelation and God, there are only 6000. Therefore psychology is flawed. Can it be that the true purpose of psychology and mapping out mankind’s genome is to identify the children of saints and kings in order to harm them? Or maybe poison them? There is no way this genome data is not in the hands of the wicked. All scriptures and personal thoughts are welcomed.


This thread is dedicated to the discussion of mankind’s timekeeping format. The throne of God consists of God in the center, first ring from Him consists of the four angels with the Head of a Man, a Bull, a Hawk, and Lion (Love,Power,Wisdom, and Justice). The next ring consists of the seven lamps. The next ring consists of 24 elders. The final ring consists of 6000 saints behind each elder (totaling 144,000).

Clocks consist of 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month. 3 months in a season (if your counting it as God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit in the center). All scriptures welcomed. Your personal opinions welcomed.

Mormons are Christians

I don't know why you guys are so hell bent on excluding us from the body of Christ. Yeah we're not "orthodox" in the Nicene sense, but not all Christians are Nicene Christians. Our theology is closer to Arianism indeed, I would consider myself a homoiousian Christian if I had lived in the late 3rd/early 4th century. The homoiousian doctrine was the dominate conceptualization of the Trinity (Godhead) doctrine, just read Tertullian or Origen or Justin Martyr. It was Athanasius who was the main proponent of of the homoousian doctrine whose followers later became the Nicene sect which morphed into the dominate form of Christianity after the Germanic Arians converted to Nicene Christianity in the 6th and 7th centuries.

Look our theology about God isn't that different from yours. You say God is one substance and three persons. We believe God is three substances, Elohim (The Father), Yahweh (The Son) and the Holy Ghost. All three of them are real personages and all are God but they aren't all equal, Yahweh is subordinate to Elohim and the Holy Spirit is subordinate to both. Yes we do believe Elohim was once a man in another universe, but our universe was created by Elohim and we worship him and the other personages of the Godhead alone. Everyone has the potential to become gods, humans are called gods in the Bible (see John 10), it's an eternal cycle which all intelligent beings have the opportunity to progress through.

Seriously just give us a flag here, there is no need to discriminate against non-Nicene Christians. We confess Jesus Christ, we confess he is the Son of God who died for our sins and rose three days later, and we look forward to his second coming. We believe in the same Bible you do. Yes our canon is larger but so what? I hear the Ethiopian Christians also have a larger canon yet no one seems to exclude them from the body of Christ.

Our theology actually fits pretty well with what the what the Israelites originally believed in. Do you know what Deuteronomy 32:8 originally said?

>When Elyon gave the nations as an inheritance, when he separated the sons of man, he set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God. For Yahweh's portion was his people; Jacob was the lot of his inheritance".

We see from the dead sea scrolls (as well as evidence in the Greek translation of the OT known as the septuagint) that Elyon (the Most High God) and Yahweh are distinguished here, and that it was Elyon who set the gods over the nations, and the god he set over Israel was Yahweh who became Jesus because Elohim planned to redeem the world through Israel and through his Son Yahweh, Jesus Christ.

So just give us a flag, we are Christians, as I have proved it, we're just not Nicene Christians. Ask any scholar of religion if Mormonism is objectively Christian and they will tell you yes, excluding us is just sectarianism.


What do you think of the phenomenon of Christians committing suicide? Pic related is Jarrid Wilson who was a pastor who preached against suicide, advocated for mental health, had a wife and kids and still ended up killing himself. You can find other stories of things like this happening, such as Rick Warren's son suiciding. Have you yourself ever known a fellow Christian who did this?


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8kun NSFW remover:

8kun browser for Android:

Pornhub and others website porns promote pedophilia and sex trafficking of women and child

Pornhub and others website porns promote pedophilia and sex trafficking of women and child

for more info link:

if you want to save womens and children there is a petition on twitter check the link

Guys i think big porn industry is connected to big satanic elite etc

How do you bros avoid the sin of pornography/masturbation?


Kinism is the idea that from a Christian perspective race matters. "Kin" as in your own kind, opposition to multiculturalism in favor of nationalism.

This article is the definitive case for kinism. Embed related is the same article read aloud.

Are you familiar with it? What do you think?

Are you a kinist?

If not, what Biblical argument do you have against it?


Is anger unChristian?

I felt angry at someone bullying insecure people today, intentionally trying to make them feel suicidal, and was relishing the idea of them receiving justice, but then I realized that I myself had made someone else also feel bad through my own insensitivity only just yesterday. I wasn’t being sadistic, but the end result was the same.


If there's a podcast you recommend, please share it here





How do I begome?

How do I begome ordodox?