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/sthg/ #37 - April's Blessing Edition

Stay in, stay safe!:

<Sonic News>

>Sonic and Tails R Fanmade Radio Drama announced featuring Ryan Drummond and Mike Pollock:

>Bentley Jones sings Dreams of an Absolution (Live from Pirate Studios:

>Sonic panel delayed until “things have settled" :

>Sonic World DX - Cream and Cheese Trailer

>Evan Stanley, known artist and GOTF creator, is becoming a main IDW Sonic writer:

>Flynn will work with her:

>Flynn and Jack Lawrence working on Bad Guys, a 4-issue miniseries focusing on Starline and some other villains:

>The Sonic movie is out now on digital, BD May 19th!

>Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 launches May 7th:

>Tentative Upcoming IDW Comic Releases for 28-onward are all some time in June or TBD, and subject to change

<General Interest Links>

>/fast/ Bunker:

>General Link Compilation:

>/sthg/ booru:

>/sthg/ cytube channel:

>IDW Sonic Comics:!65oBCaoQ!8lkn8JebzaZensDJbLxDeg

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